🎸 “Dead Flowers” guitar lesson (Big Lebowski / Townes Van Zandt)

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In this lesson, I'll teach you how to pick up your guitar and play "Dead Flowers" in the style of Townes Van Zandt — who plays the version you hear in the final scene of The Big Lebowski. This is originally a Rolling Stones song, but I fell in love with Van Zandt's version and wanted to share how I play it. I cannot quite fingerpick the way way Van Zandt does, so I show a bit of a strummier version — though I do borrow some of his fun acoustic fills. Check it out and enjoy!

0:00 Playthrough preview
1:40 Lesson overview
2:43 Chords needed
3:58 Strumming pattern
4:31 Verse tutorial
5:15 Chorus tutorial
6:32 Intro & verse riff
10:46 Misc C-chord fills
13:18 Farewell

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