Dead Flowers The Rolling Stones Lesson – How to play on Guitar and Harmonica

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Dead Flowers Quick Facts
– Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
– Released on the 1971 album Sticky Fingers
Mick Jagger – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Keith Richards – rhythm guitar, harmony vocals
Mick Taylor – lead guitar
Charlie Watts – drums
Bill Wyman – bass guitar
Ian Stewart – piano

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Verse Chord Progression
Well, when you're sitting there
In your silk upholstered chair …

Video Transcription
Hi, George from here. Welcome to this video where I show you how to play Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones on guitar and harmonica.

Ok, the song is only 3 chords so it's easy to go through.
We're going to start of in D, then A, then G. Those are
the only 3 chords in the song.
So for a strumming pattern, it's 1 2 and and 4 and
repeated. You can do that pattern through the whole song.
So it's down down up up down up; 1 2 and and 4 and.
Ok, so that's the progression for the verse.
For the chorus, we can keep the same strumming pattern.
It starts on A for 2 bars, then go to D and repeat.
Now it's going to go to G, then to D. Repeat twice. Then
stay on the D, to A, to G and back to D.
That's the guitar part. It's starts with an intro, then
verse, chorus, verse, chorus and out.
For the harmonica, since we are in the key of D, I'm
using a D diatonic harmonica. You can grab one from
George's Harp Shop at
I like to put a little bit of harmonica in the intro and
when we jam it out here next, I'll put on a harmonica part and play the melody to the verse.
– Jam along section ensues –

Alright, Dead Flowers.
So I'm adding a little bit of flavour to the chords
sometimes. When I'm playing D, I just kind of add the
melody there. I play D and add a G, which is 4th finger,
3rd fret, 1st string, which makes it a Dsus4 chord and then take it off.
I do the same kind of thing with the A. I put my 4th finger on the 2nd fret, 1st string. That an F# which make the chord a A6.
Those are just little embellishments that you can add.
So, I hope that helps you put the song together and
create your own version. Thanks for watching the video.
If you enjoyed the lesson, please leave a comment on
Youtube or on my site – like it,
share it, spread it around.
Thanks alot, have a great day. Peace

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