How to Create a Flower Bed- 5 Steps to a Flower / Tree Bed


How to Create a Flower Bed- 5 Steps
1- Drainage – Get the area to drain properly so its not pooling up and causing mulch to run off. Hiding the unsightly looking drain pipe that comes off our homes, and ushering the water to an area that will not cause any issues, using a pop up emitter.
2 – Edging – Put a proper edge to keep the mulch in the bed, either by a concrete curbing or by cutting in an edge
-I made a 6" deep straight cut, then angled it at a nice gradual slope into the bed to retain the mulch, stop weeds form coming into the bed from the grass and give it an easy clean appearance.
3 – Plant – In my bed I chose to plant a Royal Raindrops Crab apple tree and Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass. Planting plants is the reason to make a flower bed.
4- Run Drip System – Run drip irrigation to the needed points along the way. I chose to use a hose end connector to water as needed. I attached 1/4" drip line hose with 6" spacing to give the water i needed. For the tree I placed a 24" deep watering spike, at the high point.
5- Mulch – Mulching a flower bed helps with weed suppression, helps with aesthetics, making an area look finished and complete! The look of the bed wasn't complete until that much was installed. Dark medium sized mulch.

Check out what you can do to your yard in a short amount of time!

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