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In this video we learn how to identify the wild carrot, Queen Anne's lace, or by it's scientific name Daucus carota. Identifying the wild carrot is an easy task because of it's similarity to the domestic carrot in its leaves and flowers. The leaves of Wild Carrot, or Queen Anne's lace are very lace like and divided into a pinnate compound leaf, meaning they have leaflets on both sides of the midrib. The leaves very much resemble the domestic carrot except with more variation. On the tips and margins of the leaves you will find small teeth that may be hard to notice. The flowers of Queen Anne's lace are very unique in two ways; first their umbel shape that resembles a birds nest upside down. Second because of the purple floret or flower that usually occurs in the center of the umbel. Not every flower cluster will have this though so it's not a sure sign. The flowers themselves are very small and white colored with five petals. Three larger petals at the top and two smaller ones at the bottom.
Wild Carrot does have a couple look a likes, neither one you want to eat for food, however one is medicinal. Poison Hemlock is the most dangerous one as it's name implies and the second is Yarrow. Yarrow is a medicinal plant that I have done an identification video on ans well as a comparison between it, Wild Carrot, and Poison Hemlock. Thankfully these differences are easy to notice because of the unique identification features of the Wild Carrot.
Queen Anne's Lace is one of many wild edibles that beginners want to learn how to identify because of the domestic carrots familiarity and taste, however Wild Carrot does have some differences as a wild edible. In this video we will discuss some of those differences as well as talk about how to use this popular wild edible.

Poison Hemlock, Wild Carrot, Yarrow Comparison:

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