PKA 321 w/Kwebbelkop – Kyle Calls Police Live, Kwebbelkop’s Dad Dies, Man or Woman

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Guest: Jordi (Kwebbelkop)

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0:00 Intro
0:06 Ad Read: Me Undies, Jack Threads, Lyft, SeeSo, Dollar Shave Club, 1-800 Flowers, Creature Quest
0:28 Introducing Kwebbelkop
1:29 Recent Youtube Glitch and Channel Momentum
4:25 Taylor and Kyle’s Trip
18:18 Realizing You Won’t be a Pro Athlete
23:53 Extreme Go Karts
36:05 Kwebbelkop’s Father Passed Away
47:08 Woody’s Euthanasia Story
48:53 Doug Stanhope on Euthanasia
50:23 Good News: Jordi’s Girlfriend
52:40 Jordi Moved to Spain/ His Success
1:00:35 Ad Read: 1-800 Flowers
1:03:55 Ad Read: Me Undies
1:06:32 Jordi’s Life in Spain
1:09:14 What Can Jordi Upgrade/ Wealth Management
1:12:57 Sailing La Vagabonde and Money Advice
1:14:17 Jordi’s Future and Big Youtubers Quitting
1:18:20 Meeting COD Youtubers
1:21:13 Being “Somebody” on Youtube
1:23:07 Grubhub and How Kyle Eats on Vacation
1:30:15 GrubHub, Door Dash, and Postmates
1:33:45 Kyle’s Deep Frying
1:36:19 Ad Read: JackThreads
1:37:33 Ad Read: Lyft
1:39:48 Woody Wants a New Paramotor Wing
1:45:06 Magic: The Gathering
1:52:33 Woody’s PC Parts Came In
1:53:01 Past Recording Fails
1:54:33 Speaking Things into Reality
1:55:31 Woody is Sick
1:56:18 M. Night Shyamalan’s Movie “Split”
1:59:19 Kyle and Taylor Went to a Puzzle Room
2:11:08 Vacation Gluttony
2:13:14 Ad Read: SeeSo
2:15:19 Ad Read: Dollar Shave Club
2:16:41 Strip Clubs
2:17:28 Baby Wipes and Bidets
2:21:56 Pooping in the Woods
2:24:48 Poop Stories
2:33:38 MUST WATCH: Fighting Neighbors
2:42:00 Woody’s Bad Neighbors
2:44:44 Car Alarms
2:47:17 New Love Metaphor
2:54:18 MUST WATCH: Calling Cops on Neighbors
3:05:49 Language Differences of Countries
3:08:52 Burning Chicken Feathers
3:10:23 Gun Self Defense
3:15:59 Surprising Shotgun Shells
3:17:10 The News Picking up Woody’s Videos
3:20:23 Plugging Woody’s Videos Again
3:21:02 Woody’s Video Was on America’s Funniest Home Videos
3:23:00 Bath Salts
3:23:57 The Cops Still Had Not Arrived
3:24:43 Chiz’s IHop-Induced Depression
3:26:40 What to Eat
3:28:29 Racial Profiling
3:34:30 Sword or Sheath Game
3:43:15 Ad Read: Creature Quest
3:44:41 Saturday Night Live
3:50:21 The Trump Administration
3:52:43 The Neighbors Are Still Arguing
3:58:06 Jordi’s Setup and Copyright Claims
4:02:11 Woody’s Orangutan Hate Mail
4:06:59 Ad Read: Creature Quest
4:07:23 Outro

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