ProFlowers One Dozen Rainbow Roses for 19.99 on Valentines 2013 Feb 14th.

Secret promo at FromYouFlowers. I ordered a dozen Rainbow Roses for to be delivered on Valentines.
The order was made a month in advance. The following video shows what the flowers look at day 2 and then day 3. The flowers by day 4 were about ready to bloom or die.

Would I order from proflowers again? Probably not. You get what you pay for. I ordered this because I had a $15 coupon and I liked the convenience of having the flowers delivered to my wife on valentines.

The flowers cost but delivery cost was about and tax was another After the $15 discount I got the order for only

* My wife thought it was less romantic that I didn't bring the flowers.
* She didn't like having to arrange the flowers herself.
* She noticed the flowers were kind of bruised and bent being packaged into a small box.
* Order was sent fedex and arrived around 2pm in Newport Beach, CA (order could be delivered anytime between so it was delivered on time)
* Coupon codes are not stackable. I had a 30% coupon code, but it would not be stacked with my $15 gift card. There was also a deal for a free vase, but I had to forgo that too because it wasn't stackable.

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