Top 5 Most Beautiful Blue Flowering Perennials |


Top 5 Most Beautiful Blue Flowering Perennials

5) Blue Plumbago Plant is a wonderful groundcover. Not to be confused with the tropical plumbago, the blue plumbago grows only 6- 10 inches high, and is covered in gorgeous blue blooms all summer and into fall. During the fall, The blue flowers keep coming while the leaves turn a blazing orange-red. Zones 5-9, and thrives in full sun.

4) Liriope Big Blue, is an arching, grass-like perennial that produces spikes of thick, lavender flowers throughout summer. The flowers transition to black berries that thrive into winter for additional decorative appeal. The Big Blue is a strong little plant, which suffices as a groundcover or for use in difficult areas where a vibrant splash of color is needed. Zones 5-11, and thrives in full shade to partial sun.

3) The Blue Waterfall Bellflower, is an ornamental perennial with bold flowers. Plant several as an edging along a perennial bed, garden, or walkway. They can also thrive as patio plants for any yard. The Blue Waterfall Bellflower provides a “waterfall” of blooms from late spring and well into summer. Zones 5-8, and thrives in full sun to partial shade.

2) Blue False Indigo, is a standout perennial, brought natively from fields all over, which now can be seen in almost any neighborhood and front yard across the country. Blue False Indigo is a bushy perennial with vibrant blue-green foliage. These flowers have blue spikes, which is whar seperates them from others. Zones 3-9, and thrives in full sun to partial shade.

1) Amsonia Blue Ice provides three wonderful seasons of color and texture in your garden. They thrive in average soil in full sun to part shade. They do not require stalking to stand up nice and tall. The only pruning necessary is to cut the seed heads off in the fall, unless you want more seedlings – this native loves to reseed. Zones 4-9, and grows to be 12-16 inches tall.

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